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So, I've been really bad at updating this account/journal, but a life is an important thing to have. ;)

A brief update!

So, back in June, Veleven and I cosplayed Smoker and Tashigi from One Piece at Perth Supanova. Poor M really suffered under the muscles and jacket! She ended up getting a bad case of bursitis on her left shoulder especially. The end result of her costume was so amazing, though. She worked right up to the night before the con, painstakingly painting and re-painting and glueing and sewing. I was so proud to stand beside her. Such an awesome Smoker. She was so in character that she growled at David Hasselhoff without realising who he was  ... and he.growled.back. !! As for my costume, I ran into a lot of trouble with the jacket but I think in the end it turned out okay. You know how you reach a point where you know something is actually quite bad, but you've done the best you could at the time and you know it's just going to have to do? Well, yeah. I reached that point. I was pretty proud of Kiri Shigure - Tashigi's katana. I spent a lot of time on the detail so maybe one day I'll post a close-up or something. I am hoping that we can one day do a proper photo shoot when I get a hold of a better wig (the one I had was the perfect colour, but never sat right. I'd really like the chance to style one properly to do Tashigi justice). :) For now, though, :iconredscarf68: was really kind and took time out of her busy day to take some pretty nice shots of us in an alley at the con. Here's a little peek if you were at all interested in seeing how the cosplays came together. I hope to upload some more soon. :)

Last week was Dress as a Book Character Day at the school I work at (in the library), so I decided to become Gandalf the Grey. I tried to model my look after Gandalf in Peter Jackson's film version of The Hobbit because I figured kids who hadn't read the book would at least recognise me from that. I still got some questions as to whether I was Dumbledore or Merlin, though. ;) I brought the costume together over two weeks of crafting, sewing, painting little bits and pieces each night. I bought the wig and beard online but hated the way his moustache was connected to the beard, so I cut it off and then CATASTROPHE! Cheap fake hair unravelling EVERYWHERE! I was able to save it somehow, and actually ended up cutting a piece off another wig for a moustache. Not ideal, but it was okay and the students couldn't recognise who I was. If you'd like to see, M/Veleven took some photos of me after she picked me up in a nearby nature reserve (My sister is so kind - she didn't bring shoes since she only envisaged picking me up from the train station and going home again, so there she was hiking around in this freezing cold grass barefoot until the sun went down!)

The Hobbit: Gandalf and a Good Book by Berpi

Last of all, thank you all so much for 5,000 views. I never expected for my cosplay work to get so much attention, and every time someone stops by to leave some encouragement it really makes me smile. I'm so happy if my weird hobby brings a smile to someone's face somewhere in the world. 

I know I promised a drawing at 4,000 views. I have not forgotten about it. I guess I'll have to come up with something some day but for now life is very busy. I've been trying to finish writing my novel for the last couple of years so THIS IS THE YEAR IT MUST END and so any spare time I have will hopefully go towards that from now on. I may do some more cosplay eventually (next year or something) but for now I welcome the break.

Thanks again for stopping by. It's really nice of you.


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September 6, 2013


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